Devoted to Rural Schools and Athletes

Rural schools are seldom given the video media exposure and coverage given to schools in urban and surburban areas primarily because the profit margin media outlets desire is not attainable. The few businesses that exist do not have advertising budgets to sustain regular and consistent live streaming of events.  The BackRoad Sports Network is an affiliation of people located in rural areas who have a passion for their community, school, students and athletes. The Network mission is to make video coverage of sports and other events, in rural areas, available to the world through live streaming. We seek and desire support from all who share our mission. Contact us for advertising opportunities.

Affiliate Live Streams of:
Charlton County Indians, Folkston, Georgia
Clinch County Panthers, Homerville, Georgia
Lanier County Bulldogs, Lakeland, Georgia
Telfair County Trojans, McRae, Georgia